Specialization Tax Law

The lawyers of Bloom focus on tax litigation (including tax fraud) and advisory work. They cover a wide array of tax matters, such as income tax, VAT, registration duties, inheritance duties, local taxes, etc.  

Tax litigation

Our lawyers have a specific expertise in tax litigation and go to the edge in order to defend and safeguard their clients’ interests. Our lawyers assist taxpayers in their relations with the tax authorities (tax audits, conciliation, regularization…).
They plead before all Courts, including the Constitutional Court (“Cour constitutionnelle”, “Grondwettelijk Hof”) and the Council of State (“Conseil d’Etat”/”Raad van State”). They have developed a specific expertise in the field of tax fraud. By way of example, Michel Maus has recently been appointed as expert in the Belgian Parliament with respect to the big tax fraud matters.
They have also gained an extensive experience in the area of tax rulings, both in Belgium and Luxembourg. Michel Maus and Denis-Emmanuel Philippe have recently been heard as experts in the Finance Commission of the Belgian Parliament on LuxLeaks (disclosure of secret Luxembourg tax rulings). The lawyers of Bloom have obtained many positive tax rulings for their clients, amongst others for foreign investors seeking to set up operations in Belgium or Luxembourg.

Advisory work

We advise our clients in a wide array of tax matters. We focus amongst others on the following subjects: international tax planning, corporate reorganizations, real estate transactions, holding and financing structures,  withholding tax issues, tax treaty application, corporate and structured finance projects, employee benefits, estate planning, etc.

Social Law


One of our partners has drafted his PhD on the right of dismissal. Hence, our law firm has a deep knowledge of every aspects of dismissal. Our lawyers assist employers and employees who wish to terminate the employment contract (individual or collective dismissal). They negotiate and plead on this subject before the courts. Our lawyers have pleaded a significant amount of principal cases in this field. 

Social penal law

We have gained a specific knowledge and a large experience in the field of social penal law. We assist our clients in the framework of penal and administrative procedures, and in the course of audits of the social inspection services.

Work duration

The lawyers of Bloom come up with practical solutions, based on a deep knowledge of the applicable rules, in the areas of work organization, work duration, yearly vacation, time-credit, part-time work, work incapacity, flexible work programs. We work closely with our clients, with a view to optimizing existing work programs or introducing a new one, based on the client’s needs with respect to work organization. The most flexible work arrangements in Belgium have been drawn up by our lawyers.

Social security contributions

The lawyers of bloom have academic background and a large pratical experience with respect to all the aspects of the social security contributions regimes (self-employed, employees, public sector). They have a specific expertise in the following areas: scope of the regime, the obligation to pay the contributions and the joint liability systems in respect of social security contributions. 

Civil servant law

One of the partners of the firm has obtained a PhD in the area of civil servant law and enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide in this field. We draft the staff regulations, assist our clients in collective negotiations in the public sector and plead before the Council of State for individual cases and actions for annulment of reglementary measures.

Collective employment law

Our lawyers are regularly requested to draft collective employment agreements, work regulations and staff regulations. They also provide assistance in their implementation and negotiation. Our lawyers have also developed a solid experience in preliminary proceedings and collective conflicts.

Salary and pensions

Together with Bloom’s tax department, we advise on a wide array of remuneration techniques (fixed salary, variable remuneration techniques, bonusses, stock options) and in the field of supplementary pensions.  Our lawyers have also gained a significant litigation experience in this area.

Health and security at work

The regulation on health and security at work is very large and technical. Our lawyers have specialized in this specific area. They advise on this reglementation and defend the interests of their clients before the courts, for instance in case of a severe work accident, which frequently concerns a penal procedure in which the employer and the CEO are subject to criminal proceedings. One of our partners teaches this topic of health and security at work at university.