Kristof Salomez - Lawyer



Kristof is Master of Laws (1997) and obtained a PhD in Social Law (2004) with a dissertation on dismissal law.
He’s a member of the Bar since 2000. He is one of the founders of ‘Bloom’ (2015). Previously he was Partner in the social law firm ‘Van Eeckhoutte, Taquet & Clesse’.  
Kristof is also professor at law at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). He teaches courses on ‘Social litigation and enforcement law’, ‘Health and safety at work’ and ‘Legal aspects of employment policy’.


Kristof is specialised in Social Law. He treats  law suits situated in all areas of employment and social security law. He has a profound specialisation in the areas of social penal law, social contributions, salary, dismissal law, health and safety at work and labour regulations (working time, annual vacation, night work, working on Sunday,…).

Publications and seminars

Kristof is the author of several publications in Social Law, amongst which his manuals on “The legal status of dismissal law in accordance with Belgian Social Law” and “Social Penal Law”. A handbook on responsibility in solidum in Social Law is under preparation.
In addition he published several articles in legal journals on dismissal. He also published a number of exhaustive articles on amongst others strike, collective bargaining, restructuring of undertakings, social constitutional rights, flexibility of labour relations, teleworking, social penal law, social inspection, joint responsibility for social security debts (art. 30bis RSZ-law).
Kristof is also a frequent lecturer at colloquia on Social Law and offers trainings  to magistrates and lawyers.


Dutch, French and English.




Office Ghent



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