International Tax Monitor: Belgian Company Ownership Registry to be Used as Auditing Tool

23/10/2017 | Tax | Denis-Emmanuel Philippe
Belgian tax officials are nearly certain to use an EU-mandated register detailing company ownership data as an auditing tool, practitioners are warning.
A draft law introducing changes to Belgium's Income Tax Code has revealed that local tax officials will pore through a new company ownership database with the explicit aim of ensuring that high-net worth individuals pay ther taxes. The Belgian national registry follow from a European requirement and identifies the ultimate beneficiaries behind resident companies and other legal entities such as trusts, non-profitmaking associations and foundations.


Denis-Emmanuel Philippe, a lawyer at the Bloom law firm, added that the more information the tax administration has at its disposal, the more likely it is to apply all sorts of anti-abuse provisions.

Anti-abuse rules are aimed at combating behavior that goes against the spirit and objectives of a tax law, but that is—strictly speaking—in line with the letter of that very law, with an aim of obtaining undue tax advantages.


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