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The Belgian Fairness Tax falters: impact of the judgment of the European Court of Justice of 17 May 2017

The Fairness Tax is a separate corporate tax assessment of 5,15% introduced in 2013. In a nutshell, the Fairness Tax tax is applicable to Belgian companies that distribute an amount of dividends that exceeds the corporate taxable basis, due to the utilization of tax losses carried forward and notional interest deduction. Small companies are exempt from the Fairness Tax. This measure is tremendously complex, even for experienced tax practitioners. read more...

The adverse impact of the automatic exchange of information for Russians holding bank accounts in Belgium and Luxembourg

13/09/2016 | Tax | Denis-Emmanuel Philippe
On 12 May 2016, Russia joined the OECD Automatic Exchange of Information Agreement on the introduction of the automatic exchange of information in tax matters on a reciprocal basis (Common Reporting Standard or “CRS”). read more...

The notional interest deduction is alive and kicking! The Fortum case

21/01/2016 | Tax | Denis-Emmanuel Philippe
The Belgian tax authorities do not hesitate to deny, in certain situations, the notional interest deduction to Belgian companies belonging to multinational groups. Practice shows that they focus on Belgian intra-group financing vehicles lacking sufficient economic and organizational substance. read more...


Zal u door de taxshift-maatregelen extra personeel aanwerven?



Bloom Law Firm recommended in tax (Tier 3) in the new Legal 500

We are proud to announce that Bloom Law Firm has been recommended in Tax (tier 3) in the new Legal 500. read more...

The 2016 Tax Awards Winners Announced in Axquisition International

09/03/2016 | Tax
Bloom Law Firm Best for Tailor-Made Tax Advice - Belgium & Recognised Leader in Tax Procedures & Investigations read more...

Anti Tax Avoidance Directive: Impact of the new interest limitation rules for Belgian companies

02/02/2016 | Tax
On 28 January 2016, the EC released the Anti Tax Avoidance Directive. The Directive aims at transposing several OECD BEPS measures (published on 5 October 2015) into the national systems of the Member States, in a coherent and coordinated fashion. read more...


International Tax Monitor: Belgian Tax on Securities Accounts Misses Target on Wealthy

14/12/2017 | Tax
A draft law aimed at introducing a 0.15 percent tax on a type of financial account widely used by investors does too little too late to affect the highnetworth individuals it was designed to target. read more...

International Tax Monitor: Belgian Company Ownership Registry to be Used as Auditing Tool

23/10/2017 | Tax
Belgian tax officials are nearly certain to use an EU-mandated register detailing company ownership data as an auditing tool, practitioners are warning. read more...

International Tax Monitor: Belgian Tax Base Plan to Affect Financial, Industrial Companies

03/08/2017 | Tax
Belgian lawmakers’ plan to limit the amount of tax breaks companies can claim in one financial year will impact industrial and financial services companies that have accumulated substantial tax losses, as well corporations that set up shop in Belgium for tax optimization reasons. read more...

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